How To Make a Successful Career Change At 40

If you have reached that stage in life where you feel the need to make a significant career change at 40 then you will find this article very useful.

What do we mean?

Before we go any further we should be clear about what mean by this. This is not just finding a new employer and continuing along similar lines.

We are actually talking about doing something new and different. We are talking about burning bridges and taking your life in a whole new direction.

career change at 40

What’s the challenge with making a career change at 40

The challenge with doing this or even a career change at 50 or 35, is actually much the same as at any age.

We see it as an age issue, when in fact employers have more of a problem with change than with age. Age is a bit of a red herring.

Doing this at any age is difficult for one major reason; the entire recruitment process is geared against it. The recruitment process is designed to find clones of the person who just left the role.

Sure the problem may be compounded a little by your age but it’s actually the issue of change that is the real problem.

Shortly you will discover how to tackle this issue and make progress at last.


Now you may have already figured out what you want to change into but if you haven’t then you will need some career change ideas.

I recommend you open your mind up to the infinite possibilities that are out there. Initially you will be very blinkered in your view of the job market but once you start to open up your thinking you will start to see the real opportunities.

This takes practice. Sit with a pad and a pen and start throwing ideas onto the paper. I strongly recommend you use a MindMap.

MindMaps are very good at expanding your thinking in a wide arc, whilst still letting you see how everything relates.

Once you have some ideas listed you need to evaluate them to see how compatible they are with your core personality.

A new career is unlikely to have much in common with your skill set but that’s not the issue. Your priority must be to pick a career and a work environment that is in harmony with your core personality. This is the real key to career success.

What’s the alternative

Martin Gibbons from CareerPsychometrics specialises in helping people make this transition.

The first lesson is free and it includes a personality report. As we have already established you need a deeper understanding of your personality in order to avoid jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If you are going to make a change in career then you want to get it right first time.

When traditional job hunting methods do not work, you need an alternative approach and this is what Martin will show you. If you really want to make a career change at 40 then forget about your CV and use this alternative approach.